Reviews of Sony Xperia Tablet S: Excellent Capacity but High Price

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Published: 22nd October 2012
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It is said that Sony achieves certain success whenever moving forward. It has succeeded in obtaining great success in its unique design, like the NEX series camera, but its tablets are exceptions. Sony P series tablets all have a strange design, which are only protected by their own screen. The initial S series tablets looked like curly magazines. Although their hardwares are good, they fail to leave a good impression to consumers. Thus, these two types of tablet canít be regarded as a triumph.

Sony Xperia Tablet is the first set of tablet adopting the Xperia brand. Now the device is on sale now, costing at least $399. Can this device promote Sonyís competition in the Android tablets market? Now, letís focus on the review before drawing a conclusion.
Hardware and design

Sony Xperia Tablet S has an outstanding appearance design embraced with excellent and concise fillet ring, color scheme with both elegant silver and black. The edge on the top can be folded, forming a design like a folio magazine. Judging from aesthetics only, we do love the appearance. The previous Tablet S has a good folding angle, which is very convenient and comfortable for operation. The new brand Xperia Tablet S with a smaller size inherits this feature.

The 9.4-inch display is beset by a large black frame. Sonyís LOGO is set on the upper-left on the display. We think the LOGO is located in a suitable position without as sharp as in the centre, which only acts as a symbol to represent brand of the tablet. Weighing 1.3 pound, it is as light as iPad. Yet, the 8.9mm device is thinner than Appleís newest tablet. Like other Android tablets, it is very comfortable for holding. We are very satisfied with its appearance design, hope Sony will keep making progress.

There are many buttons on the folding part of Sony Xperia Tablet S. On the right is a power button and a volume controller, on the left is a earphone jack and a SD slot. The design of the SD slot is very terrific, where you can plug in TV shows, movies and files into the tablet to play them directly through the memory card. There is an exclusive connector and a chassis connector at the bottom, which look like a big notch. Fortunately, they are not noticeable in that position.

Sony Xperia Table S sports tow camera, one is a front-facing camera and the other is an 8MP HD rear camera. The rear camera is suitable for shooting due to its high pixel, while the front one can be used for video chat.

Display and loudspeaker

Owing to the reorganized product line, some changes become very useful. Housing a TFT LCD display at 1280◊800 resolution, the 9.4-inch tablet looks nicer than other tablets in the same size. Besides, the dark colored appearance is pleasant to eyes.

As for its loudspeaker, there are two loudspeakers on the back of Sony Xperia Tablet S. Because of close distance between the two, they can generate stereo acoustics effect in a quiet room, loudly enough for hearing. You can also adjust the options of the equalizer according to your need. After tests, we find the acquiescent effect of the device is the best.


Sonly preload Android 4.0 Jelly Bean without any change, including icons, colors and schemes, for the Xperia Tablet S. The most excellent feature that Sony Xperia Tablet S has is the Client Mode, the most distinctive feature of Android operating system. You can add the second, the third or the forth setting or user account to the tablet, where you can run the operations of app protocols, settings and data search. If you donít want your children to surf online or to let others read your emails, you can apply the Client Mode to set relative settings. However, this function may lower your operating speed. Even worse, you may fail to close the apps when switching to other user accounts. Or, after switching, the background music still keeps playing. Therefore, to avoid such occasions happen, make sure all the used apps are already closed before opening a new user account.

In addition to OS and UI, Sony Xperia Tablet S still bears an extra app called Crapload, most of which belong to Sonyís own apps, including the products and services of its ecosystem. You can get many exciting experience, such as music limitless, video limitless, play and storage, Walkman and reading.

Remote controller

Thereís no cable in our department in New York. That means when we want to watch TVs, we have to depend on STB, Home Theater and other settings. As the infrared remote controller of the Xperia Tablet S binds all these settings together, we can use the device as a distance controller, which does work as well as my original remote controller. The device is very easy to connect to other devices. When we are working, we use the device to control our other settings, including two TVs, a set of blue laser player, an Xbox 360, a WD TV Live Hub, and an Apple TV. So long as you select the type of the device and its brand name, the remote infrared device can detect the device you choose immediately.

We donít think it can replace traditional controller due to no buttons available on the device, but it is, indeed, very intelligent and works very well. We like the tablet and the setting as well.


We tested the capacity of Nvidia Tegra 3 processor 6 months ago, and it still works quite well on Sony Xperia Tablet S. This tablet runs rapidly and responds swiftly. It is especially suitable to use to play games, like the Shadowgun game. The smooth running of the device does impress us a lot.


Advantages: Good software capacity, excellent capacity and distance infrared control

Disadvantages: High price, somewhat monotonous design and too much preloaded softwares

To sum up, Sony Xperia Tablet S is one of the tablets that we all like best without any reason. It has no too much defects, but beautiful design instead. No severe capacity problems, none defective functions either. We like some new apps, like the remote controller, which bring more experience to us. Yet, its price, at least at $399, a high price, leads to its insufficient competitiveness among the tablets of the same line.

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